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Green Pro Lawn provides lawn care, fertilization, grub control, and other lawn services to the Newark, Ohio area

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We work hard to earn your business, and we work hard to earn your referral. We know that if you’re not happy, you won’t recommend us to a neighbor, friend, family member or random passerby.

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Our New Albany Lawn Care Services

New Albany Grub Control

“What is a grub? Why are they important to my lawn upkeep?” Those are a few questions that might pop into your head. A grub is a type of larva that comes from Japanese Beetles, but what matters most is that if left unchecked, grubs can cause tons of problems for your yard. 

Grubs will leave behind patches of brown in your yard, making it look less than ideal. However, our team of professionals know the procedure to prevent grubs from ever even reaching your lawn. We can cover your lawn using a separate application with the purpose of stopping these grubs from doing any significant damage to your lawn, leaving it looking great and leaving you happy.

Anyone can end up with a grub infestation, which is why it is important that you are able to treat your lawn before any infestation is able to take place in your yard. Leave us to worry about it! 

No one wants to go out to their yard and deal with critters, let us take it off your plate and hand it over to our team of professionals to do the dirty work for you! 

Fertilization in New Albany

You may not consider fertilizer to be a necessity when it comes to lawn care, but trust us when we say it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

Much like us humans, your yard needs the proper nutrients in order to live and be healthy. Grass will use the energy from the nutrients that come from fertilizer to keep it healthy and look great, and our fertilizer has the proper nutrients to keep your yard looking the way you want it to look.

Using fertilizer might not be the first thing you think to treat your yard with, however you may think differently after we apply our fertilizer to your yard. Here are some ways that fertilization can benefit your lawn.

  • Resistance to weather
  • Quick growth
  • Fast grass recovery
  • Less weeds
  • Eye-catching color

There are so many different types of fertilizer available that it can start to get overwhelming deciding what to use on your own grass. Synthetic, organic, pet-safe, home-made, quick release, slow release, etc. Allow us to examine your lawn for you and we can decide what fertilizer is best for you.

Lawn Care in New Albany

The first thing that anyone will see when visiting your home is your yard, and first impressions are very important. This is the reason that you want to give your lawn what it needs to make it look the best that it can be. Maintaining your yard is important to the aesthetic of your home, but it’s also very time consuming.

No one wants to go out and pluck weeds or mow the grass while they’re on their day off work. Don’t spend your free time maintaining your lawn, give the hard work to the professionals. A well-kept lawn is vital to having a beautiful looking home, and to keep your yard weed, insect, and disease free.

You don’t need to stress about finding time in your schedule in order to keep your lawn looking nice, hand it over to us and we will give you a beautiful yard. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to make sure your yard is up to par in time for your next party, cook-out, or other outside events. Take all the hard work off of your plate and have pride in your lawn.

New Albany Weed Control

Having a lawn covered in weeds can make your yard look unprofessional and unkept, which can seem unfair since weeds will pop up all over your lawn with no consent or control. Luckily, our trusted team of professionals are able to get your weed situation under control.

Yes, we are able to get rid of your current weeds, but we can also stop weeds from ever growing in the first place. This is also known as Pre-emergent weed control. There are several different methods that we apply to dominate your weeds, such as using organic materials, or using one of the many different types of herbicides such as selective, non-selective, contact, or systemic, we will know exactly what will work for you and accomplish your goals.

Whether it’s plucking, weed-wacking, or using herbicides on current weeds, or taking measures to prevent them from growing in the first place, Green Pro Lawn has exactly what you need. Our guys will be able to come assess your lawn and figure out exactly what your yard needs. For example, if you wanted to use herbicides on your lawn, we can figure out exactly what type to use to target those pesky weeds while leaving your beautiful lawn intact and weed-free.

Lawn Services in New Albany

We want your yard looking the best that it can possibly be, and that includes making use of our wide variety of lawn services that Green Pro Lawn offers. Whether that be just a simple mowing, or going all in on our aeration, fertilization, weed control, etc, we will use whatever tactics are necessary to get your lawn where you want it at an affordable price.

Don’t know what your property needs? No problem! Our team is able to assess a customer’s lawn and make sure that they acquire the proper care and attention necessary to make your front yard the envy of your neighborhood. A property owner should be able to look out onto their front and back lawns and feel pride. Green Pro Lawn will give you a professional looking yard perfect for parties, barbecues, or just an area to relax when the weather is nice.

Are you noticing that your grass has patches of brown but not sure where it’s coming from? You might have a grub infestation, other customers have put their trust into us to eliminate that problem, and as a result ended up with a healthy, grub-free lawn. Perhaps you have noticed the density of your grass isn’t where you’d like it to be. Our team of professionals would be able to help you by assessing your lawn and determining the problem and offering a solution to make your property look exactly how you want it to look. Whatever possible problem that you have with your lawn, Green Pro Lawn has a solution for you.

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We understand not every lawn is the same. We will treat your lawn specifically based on what it needs.

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We use some of the latest in technology tools that cause the least amount of impact to your lawn and the environment.

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You will always know what is going on with your lawn. You will always know when. And you will always know why.

Our Yearly Schedule.

* Program may vary slightly according to weather conditions.

** Additional charge for grub control.

With our treatment program we use granular & liquid fertilizer and liquid weed control.

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