Gahanna Lawn Services

Green Pro Lawn provides lawn care, fertilization, grub control, and other lawn services to the Gahanna, Ohio area

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We work hard to earn your business, and we work hard to earn your referral. We know that if you’re not happy, you won’t recommend us to a neighbor, friend, family member or random passerby.

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Prepay your lawn care service for the year before 1st treatment and receive a free grub control. Request a free estimate today to see what savings await you.

Our Gahanna Lawn Care Services

Gahanna Grub Control

You might be considering what a “grub” even is and what it has to do with your yard upkeep. A grub is a sort of hatchling that comes from Japanese Beetles, however the main thing to know is that grubs can make genuine harm your yard.

Grubs will leave these earthy colored patches in your grass that will leave it looking amateurish and displeasing to look at. Fortunately, our folks know the exact thing to do to keep grubs from appearing in any case. We will cover your property in a different application to prevent these grubs from causing any critical harm to your grass, leaving it tastefully satisfying and leaving you effortless.

Grub pervasions can happen to anybody, which is the reason you must recruit somebody you trust to come treat your grass before an invasion is even ready to occur. It is useless to stress over something that we are effectively ready to forestall.

Critters are unpleasant to manage for anybody, however a ton can be removed your plate assuming you hand it over to our group of experts to accomplish the grimy work for you, leaving you with clean hands, a free timetable, and an incredible looking yard.

Fertilization in Gahanna

Loads of individuals will ignore the need of utilizing fertilizer with regards to their property. Indeed, cutting your grass is significant, however it is just a single piece of the yard care puzzle.

People need food and supplements to live, and it’s similar idea with regards to your yard. You want to recollect that plants are alive and have specific prerequisites to look all that it very well may be. Grass needs the energy that comes from the supplements inside fertilizer to keep it sound and looking decent. Our fertilizer has those essential nutrients and minerals that will advance development and great wellbeing for your yard.

Fertilization may not appear to be significant, however we accept that the outcomes that come from utilizing our fertilizer will adjust anybody’s perspective. This is how appropriate fertilization can help your property:

  • Climate opposition
  • Fast development
  • Quick grass recuperation
  • Lower measures of weeds
  • Eye-getting variety

Presently, the technique isn’t just putting fertilizer on your yard and tapping out, there are many variables that have an impact in the fertilization interaction, for example, season, kind of grass, soil types, whether you have pets, and so forth. Also there’s various sorts of fertilizer; natural, engineered, home-made, pet-protected, slow delivery, fast delivery, and our grass care experts know the exact thing will turn out best for your yard.

Gahanna Lawn Care

Initial feelings are significant, and your yard is the principal thing individuals will see while visiting your home. For that reason giving your yard the appropriate consideration and support that it deserves is significant. Nonetheless, yard support, while a significant part of your home’s stylish, can very time consume.

It makes sense to us, nobody needs to go through their three day weekend taking care of lawn and culling weeds. For what reason would it be advisable for you to invest your significant free energy keeping up with your yard when you could utilize our experts to do the occupation for you? Grass care overhauling is indispensable to a wonderful looking home and keeping your property bug, weed and infection free.

Don’t bother worrying over carving out the opportunity to fix your grass when you can utilize us and have an awesome looking yard without fail. Our folks have the right hardware and the information to ensure that your lawn is looking wonderful in time for your next picnic, family get-together, or some other external occasions that you need to have. We will remove this task from your plate, giving you additional opportunity for the sake of entertainment, exercises, and recreation, all while having the option to invest heavily in how your property looks.

Gahanna Weed Control

Having a lawn covered in weeds can make your yard look unprofessional and unkept, which can seem unfair since weeds will pop up all over your lawn with no consent or control. Luckily, our trusted team of professionals are able to get your weed situation under control.

Yes, we are able to get rid of your current weeds, but we can also stop weeds from ever growing in the first place. This is also known as Pre-emergent weed control. There are several different methods that we apply to dominate your weeds, such as using organic materials, or using one of the many different types of herbicides such as selective, non-selective, contact, or systemic, we will know exactly what will work for you and accomplish your goals.

Whether it’s plucking, weed-wacking, or using herbicides on current weeds, or taking measures to prevent them from growing in the first place, Green Pro Lawn has exactly what you need. Our guys will be able to come assess your lawn and figure out exactly what your yard needs. For example, if you wanted to use herbicides on your lawn, we can figure out exactly what type to use to target those pesky weeds while leaving your beautiful lawn intact and weed-free.

Gahanna Lawn Services

We want your yard looking the best that it can possibly be, and that includes making use of our wide variety of lawn services that Green Pro Lawn offers. Whether that be just a simple mowing, or going all in on our aeration, fertilization, weed control, etc, we will use whatever tactics are necessary to get your lawn where you want it at an affordable price.

Don’t know what your property needs? No problem! Our team is able to assess a customer’s lawn and make sure that they acquire the proper care and attention necessary to make your front yard the envy of your neighborhood. A property owner should be able to look out onto their front and back lawns and feel pride. Green Pro Lawn will give you a professional looking yard perfect for parties, barbecues, or just an area to relax when the weather is nice.

Are you noticing that your grass has patches of brown but not sure where it’s coming from? You might have a grub infestation, other customers have put their trust into us to eliminate that problem, and as a result ended up with a healthy, grub-free lawn. Perhaps you have noticed the density of your grass isn’t where you’d like it to be. Our team of professionals would be able to help you by assessing your lawn and determining the problem and offering a solution to make your property look exactly how you want it to look. Whatever possible problem that you have with your lawn, Green Pro Lawn has a solution for you.

Timely Support

We are able to set up appointment times that meet your schedule.

Reliable. Dependable.

Innovative Ideas

We understand not every lawn is the same. We will treat your lawn specifically based on what it needs.

Advanced Technology

We use some of the latest in technology tools that cause the least amount of impact to your lawn and the environment.

Clear Communication

You will always know what is going on with your lawn. You will always know when. And you will always know why.

Our Yearly Schedule.

* Program may vary slightly according to weather conditions.

** Additional charge for grub control.

With our treatment program we use granular & liquid fertilizer and liquid weed control.

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