Here are some of the questions that we are frequently asked
How long do we need to stay off the grass after you apply a treatment?
We generally advise our customers to stay off the lawn for about 2 hours, until the application is dry.
How long until our pets can go out on the lawn?
About 2 hours, until it dries.
Are the products you use safe?
Our products, when applied by our technicians are practically non-toxic. In fact, the benefits from these products far outweigh any concerns associated with their use.
Why do you apply a treatment in the summer when it’s so hot and dry? What good does it do?
Summer is a stressful time for lawns. Nutrients need to be replenished. Also, many turf damaging insects and summer weeds encroach. Your technician needs to be on your lawn at 6-8 week intervals, to guarantee your lawn doesn’t suffer from potential damage that could occur in his absence.
If it rains, is my lawn application going to work on the weeds?
If it rains heavily for an extended period of time right after an application, you may see reduced effectiveness of weed control. This can be taken care of by a weed control “service call”, which would be provided as part of your full service program. We usually ask that you wait fourteen days, and we will come to your lawn to check for weed control response. If it appears the weeds aren’t responding, we will reapply at no charge.
It seems like the technician finishes my lawn treatment very quickly. Am I getting a good application if he’s walking fast?
Our technicians are trained to apply the products at the proper rate. The spreaders and sprayers are all calibrated to apply the units according to your technician’s walking speed.
The moles are tearing up my lawn. Does this mean I have grubs?

Not necessarily. Moles do feed on grubs, but they also feed on earthworms, beetles and their larvae, centipedes, seed pods or husks, spiders, crickets, etc. If you are concerned that you have a grub problem, call Green Pro Lawns at 740.344.7336 for a free lawn analysis.

I had some leaves on my lawn when it was treated. Will this keep the product from getting to the turf?
Leaves are porous and usually will not adversely effect an application, but generally we will not put a treatment down over heavy leaf coverage.
When is the best time to aerate? Spring or Fall?

Fall is the best time to aerate and over seed the lawn as it gives 2 cool seasons of growth (fall and spring) before the heat of summer and also establishes the new seed which allows us to apply crabgrass pre-emergent in the spring.

Why should I choose Green Pro Lawns as my lawn care service provider?

Green Pro Lawns stands out from the competition by providing outstanding quality service. When you select a lawn service with us you are buying more than someone making the scheduled treatments, you are purchasing expert support for your lawn. We also offer 2 free soil treatments with our service to condition the soil for the best results.

Do I need to be home at the time of the applications?
No, we will apply your treatments on a timely basis. At the time of each application we will leave you detailed information on what we applied to your property and any specific recommendations we may have after inspecting your property and leave a flag in your lawn near the driveway.
Does your company offer any type of guarantee?
Yes, we stand behind our service. If you are not satisfied with the results of our application, we will continue to work with you to get it corrected.
How soon after an application should I wait to mow my lawn?
We recommend you wait a minimum of 24 hours after an application. This allows time for the weed control to enter the plant tissue of any weeds that may be present and move throughout the plant for maximum control
What height should I cut my grass?
We recommend cutting your grass at a height of 3 inches and raising your mower another notch higher during the dry summer months. This will cause your lawn to be more lush and green and gives your lawn the ability to crowd out weeds naturally.

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