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Green Pro Lawns has been servicing our yard for 3 years and we could not be more satisfied! Thank you for making our yard one of the best looking and greenest yards in the neighborhood!  We highly recommend your company.  Thank you for being dependable and giving us Professional Results!

Chuck & Janet M.

Green Pro Lawns has been treating my lawn for one full year. During that timeframe, my lawn has been transformed from a hodge-podge of weeds and different types of grasses to a lawn that I am now proud to show off to the neighbors.  I have found Charlie Friend to be a courteous professional and I have been happy to recommend his company to all my friends and family.

Jason K.

What a dramatic improvement Green Pro Lawns has made to our yard. I had no idea how much crab grass our yard contained until we started our lawn treatments. Our lawn continues to grow fuller and more beautiful with each and every season.  Green Pro Lawns is ALWAYS “Service with a Smile!” It has truly been a rewarding investment for our family.

Kim Z.

Our Yearly Schedule.

Early Spring

Step 1
  • Our first visit promotes early spring greening and recovery from winter stresses. We apply fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent.

Early Summer

Step 3
  • Summer conditions can stress your lawn. We will fertilize your lawn now to prepare it for the summer ahead. We scout for problems and treat weeds and crabgrass as necessary. It is during this round we apply a separate application for grub control**

Late Summer

Step 4
  • We continue to care for your lawn by applying our summer fertilizer program to maintain color without pushing growth. Your lawn care specialist will personally inspect your lawn and treat weeds as needed. (*Use of controlled-release fertilizers will vary with weather and grass conditions.)

Early Fall

Step 5
  • Our early fall organic fertilization will help your lawn recover from the stresses of summer. We will also provide weed and crabgrass controls as necessary.

Late Fall

Step 6
  • Our winterizer application contains a special fertilizer rate that will promote root growth and food storage important for winter survival of your lawn. (This application is in addition to our standard 5 application service plan and is the same cost as a standard application.)

* Program may vary slightly according to weather conditions.

** Additional charge for grub control.

With our treatment program we use granular & liquid fertilizer and liquid weed control.

 Green Pro Lawns offers service in all of Licking county.


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