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Refer someone to us and you’ll get $15 off your bill.

We work hard to earn your business, and we work hard to earn your referral. We know that if you’re not happy, you won’t recommend us to a neighbor, friend, family member or random passerby. That’s why in addition to maintaining the highest levels of customer service; we’re instituting a referral program for our loyal customers.

It’s pretty simple. Refer us to someone you know and you’ll BOTH get $15 off your bill.

OK. There are a few rules. First, you must be an existing Green Pro Lawns customer. Second, the person you refer must sign up for our Full Application Program consisting of 5 treatments from early spring to early winter.

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Charlie Friend, Owner

Goodie Job! Don’t ever leave the area!!

Eric H.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Charlie F.

I like his work. It’s alright!

Justin C.